Marijuana Growing Videos

February 5, 2012

Cannafest 2011 Prague Old Town Market

We take a wonder through the Old Town Market..
June 9, 2011

Vapes on a Plane

We talk with Lisa Mamakind from Skunk Magazine about vaping on a plane…
August 9, 2011

UG 59 Jungle Juice vs. General Hydroponics

We interview Mike about his Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice vs General Hydroponics Test…
March 7, 2011

Spannabis 2011 Some Big Buddha Cheese & HASH!

I show you my killer box of European herb and hash I had to smoke…
March 9, 2010

Urban Grower 45 Mailbag & New Stuff Urban Grower answers a few viewers e mails…then checks out the Quick Cure Drying Rack,Rosebud Magazine,and
August 9, 2011

UG 59 The Weed Guy

We interview Mark the Weed Guy from and
March 9, 2011

Spannabis 2011 More Hydroponic Gear

Trip out in full 1080p HD!
November 28, 2010

Cannabis Cup 2010 Import Hash Cup

Barney’s wins again followed by Greenhouse United and the Green Place…