Marijuana Growing Videos

December 24, 2011

Cannabis Cup 2011 Sativa Cup

This is a very important pay attention.
May 31, 2012

TY Expo 2012 Glass Blowing

We get a front row view of the first ever Flame Off Glass Blowing Competition at the Treating Yourself Expo
February 8, 2011

CannaMed Fair Closing Ceremony

same as title…
December 24, 2009

Urban Grower Super Holiday Joint We roll up a Super Holiday Joint and… check out some Bubba Kush and some New
January 16, 2012

Cannafest 2011 for 37 more brand new Cannafest vids!
June 11, 2011

1 Of A Kind

We talk with Shane from One Of A Kind…check out some cool pipes ans bongs!…Road kill skull pipe ROCKS!
May 30, 2012

TY Expo 2012 Cantek Distribution

We look at a 12 inch inline blower from Cantek…
October 24, 2010

UG 53 Medicating with some Purple Budz On a Boat! HD

Urban Grower twists up a fatty of some killer Purple Medical Marijuana..on a boat in the Vancouver sunshine!