Marijuana Growing Videos

January 11, 2011

UG 55 Mega Medi Grow HQ

Happy New Year!…We check out a Mega Medical Marijuana Grow Op illuminated by 32 000 watts of lighting and cooled
June 23, 2011

TY Expo 2011 Smoking Herb

We start smoking one of the 15 joints I pre- rolled…TY Cup!
February 27, 2010

Urban Grower 45 HPS & Metal Halide Lights In this clip,we discuss the differences between HPS and Halide lights..We also talk about maintenance and
May 30, 2012

TY Expo 2012 Skunk Magazine – Lisa Mamakind

We have a great conversation with Lisa Mamakind!
January 26, 2010

Urban Grower 44 Pest Management System part 2 In this clip you see me applying our cocktail to some big beautiful cannabis plants..
February 23, 2011

Welcome to Spannabis

This is one of our videos that will be playing at our booth..Come on down and smoke a doobie with
January 6, 2010

Urban Grower 44 Bubba Kush Close Up! We get up close and personal with some Bubba Kush…This is some amazing smoke!
March 7, 2011

Spannabis 2011 The Only Cop at Spannibis

The Only Cop at Spannibis was not interested in the cannabis smoking people everywhere…Yay!