Stoner News

January 28, 2014

More Reasons Marijuana People Hate the DEA

As a long-time California marijuana grower and activist, let me start by saying something I’m sure we all agree with: I hate the DEA! I’ve hated […]
November 8, 2013

Massachusetts to Put Marijuana Legalization on 2016 Ballot

After a successful week of local elections across the country for proponents of marijuana legalization, activists in Massachusetts have begun the process to put the issue […]
November 26, 2013

Dabs, Butane Honey Oil & Marijuana Growing… Live On Your Radio!

Marijuana radio show pioneer James DiFalco was a child when he developed diabetes—the crippling disease that sickens people and shortens their lives. Growing up in the […]
December 25, 2013

Feds Call Out CO in Releasing Study on Teen MJ Use

Federal drug abuse officials called out Colorado by name Wednesday in releasing a new national survey of illicit drug use among teenagers, saying marijuana legalization efforts […]
February 6, 2014

Marijuana Motivation: Using Marijuana To Access Your Subconscious Mind

In previous articles in this series that shows how marijuana and marijuana growing increase motivation for success in life, we discovered the following core principles and […]
March 20, 2014

Canadian Government to Nark Out Marijuana Growers

The war on marijuana growers and medical marijuana patients isn’t over in North America, despite gains in Colorado and Washington. And of the worst examples of […]
November 9, 2013

Colorado’s Crazy Marijuana Tax

Taxing what you can’t measure is nonsense. But Colorado voters were poised Tuesday to do just that, by taxing wholesale marijuana sales at 15 percent — […]
December 9, 2013

Marijuana Cloning Gels, Rooting Hormones & Your Marijuana Cloning Success

Cloning is absolutely crucial for marijuana growers but it takes skill, experience, a good motherplant, and the right tools/materials to get the top marijuana cloning success […]