Stoner News

November 8, 2013

Massachusetts to Put Marijuana Legalization on 2016 Ballot

After a successful week of local elections across the country for proponents of marijuana legalization, activists in Massachusetts have begun the process to put the issue […]
October 9, 2013

Texas Voters Want To Legalize Marijuana

A majority of Texas voters support marijuana legalization, according to a recent survey. Public Policy Polling found that 58 percent of Texans “support making marijuana legal […]
March 20, 2014

Steep Drop in Pot Cases Has Freed Up Resources

A steep drop in charges filed against adults over 21 in Washington state after legalization of marijuana shows the new law is freeing up court and […]
May 15, 2013

Marijuana Growers:Are Police Watching Hydroponics Stores You Go To?

I live in Tampa, Florida, and had found only one hydroponics retail gardening store where I could purchase a full range of professional hydroponics gardening supplies […]
March 11, 2014

Colorado Marijuana Taxes Net State $2 Million

Colorado made roughly $2 million in marijuana taxes in January, state revenue officials reported Monday in the world’s first accounting of the recreational pot business. The […]
April 9, 2013

Study Reveals Majority of Americans Favors Marijuana Legalization

Recently a Pew Research Center study was released showing that a greater number than ever before, 52 percent of all respondents, believed that it was time […]
May 29, 2013

George Zimmerman to Dead Trayvon Martin:You Smoked Pot, So You Deserve to Be Shot

Marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado for all purposes, and medically legal in many other states. But years of anti-marijuana propaganda still resonate in the […]
February 12, 2014

Marijuana Sex Fun: Marijuana Makes Vaginas Happier & Healthier

Ask marijuana growers and users what gives them sweet pleasure, and you’ll see marijuana and vaginas at the top of the list! That’s why I’m writing […]