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January 20, 2014

Marijuana, Sochi Olympics & an NFL Super Bowl of Bud

The crazy hypocrisy about marijuana in NFL Football, and the Olympics, is especially easy to see in the run-up to Super Bowl XLVIII. The Denver Broncos […]
July 15, 2013

Michigan Medical Marijuana Threatened:Now Medical Marijuana Medibles are Illegal?

Michigan medical marijuana growers, patients, and medical marijuana dispensaries are increasingly outraged that police, prosecutors, Michigan Republican politicians, and Attorney General Bill Schuette are dismantling Michigan’s […]
June 1, 2013

Medical Cannabis: Safe, Effective

Where did you receive your schooling and training? I have been a medical physician for more than 29 years since graduating from the University of Utah […]
September 4, 2013

New Jersey Medical Marijuana, Chris Christie, State MedPot Laws =A Big, Fat, Joke

I live in New Jersey and if you read national reports you see my state listed as one of many “new” medical marijuana states, along with […]
April 21, 2013

GrowMed Day Two Video With Advanced Nutrients — The Evolution of Medical Marijuana

It's Day Two in Valencia, Spain, and Advanced Nutrients is filming a lot of the action. read more …read more Source: bigbudsmag
March 20, 2013

Are Expensive Marijuana Smoking Devices Worth The Cost?

There are a million ways to consume cannabis nowadays, from hi-tech vaporizers like The Volcano to high-end water pipes (and we aren’t even going to get […]
March 19, 2014

Dankest Marijuana Strains For Outdoor Growing

In a previous article about outdoor marijuana growing, we saw how selecting the right marijuana strain(s) makes a big difference in how much bud you harvest […]
January 24, 2014

Holder Announced A Major Shift On U.S MJ Policy

U.S. treasury and law enforcement agencies will soon issue regulations opening banking services to state-sanctioned marijuana businesses even though cannabis remains classified an illegal narcotic under […]