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You Back Up Your Computer… Now Back Up Your Marijuana Growing Systems

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Here's a challenging situation for marijuana growers… You build and operate your hydroponics grow room incurring all of the costs of rent, electricity, labor, fans, hydroponics nutrients and other supplies. The...

Holiday, Family, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Lover Security Tips for Marijuana Growers

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Marijuana growers have a right to sell their fine hydroponics bud for $400 an ounce because marijuana growing is a serious job that significantly affects your personal life. And the effects more Source: bigbu...

Marijuana Vaporizer: Your Way to Incredible New Marijuana Highs

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I’ve been a marijuana smoker most of my adult life. You’d enjoy trying out my wicked glass bongs, hammers, and bubblers. But here’s a puzzler: I don’t smoke marijuana much more Source:...

Marijuana, Sochi Olympics & an NFL Super Bowl of Bud

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The crazy hypocrisy about marijuana in NFL Football, and the Olympics, is especially easy to see in the run-up to Super Bowl XLVIII. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are more Source: bigbudsmag

Seth Rogen & James Franco Give UsSummer’s Marijuana Movie on Steroids…With Brains

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Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny McBride, who gave us a new marijuana strain name in their bro-bonding “stoner movie” Pineapple Express, have now teamed up with Jonah Hill, Jay more Source: bigb...

High Times Publisher Talks With HuffPost On Passing Urine Marijuana Drug Test

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In this video from The Huffington Post’s online web series, HuffPost Live, the host talks to High Times Associate Publisher Richard Cusick about drug testing in the workplace, its disproportionate more ...

Beginner Marijuana Grower Series: Three Fire Reasons to Grow Your Own Marijuana

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You're seeing recreational marijuana totally legalized in Colorado, Washington, and some cities, and medical marijuana legalized in nearly two dozen states. Perhaps you're one of the millions of people who use ...rea...

Marijuana & The Hot Science of Sexual Tantric Ecstasy

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When you look at why we all love marijuana and sex, it's because safe, natural, kind, intense pleasure makes us feel life is exciting and truly worth living. And one reason more Source: bigbudsmag

Looking Ahead To Fall Flowering With Brown Dirt Warror

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It may be March, but in our Brown Dirt Warrior outdoor gardening series, it feels like fall. Our resident outdoor-growing expert has finally brought his babies through the planting in the more Source: bigbudsmag

Marijuana DUI: High on the Highway Laws Are Changing

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As voters and government officials legalize recreational and medical marijuana across America, anti-marijuana people have latched onto stealth methods for attacking marijuana users. One of their tactics is to make .....

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