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You Back Up Your Computer… Now Back Up Your Marijuana Growing Systems

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Here's a challenging situation for marijuana growers… You build and operate your hydroponics grow room incurring all of the costs of rent, electricity, labor, fans, hydroponics nutrients and other supplies. The...

Marijuana Should Be Legal, 55 Percent Say

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In a dramatic switch from recent decades, a clear majority of Americans say smoking marijuana on a recreational basis should be legal. In fact, a new CNN-ORC International poll indicates more Source: cannabis...

Med Marijuana Advocates Meet Florida Ballot Goal

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A petition campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has gathered enough signatures to put the issue on November's general election ballot. Just after noon Friday, county elections officials had more ...

Marijuana Success, Tommy Chong, & The Wolf of Wall Street

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I packed my portable vaporizer with OG Kush marijuana and Jack Herer bubblehash (from the 90-micron screen), got my reserved seat movie tickets, bought a big bag of popcorn, then more Source: bigbudsmag

Marijuana Growers Deserve Better From Marijuana Seed Breeders & Sellers

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I am a medical marijuana grower who lives where it's hard to buy good marijuana, hashish, other cannabis concentrates, marijuana seeds, and marijuana clones. There aren't any medical marijuana dispensaries where ...r...

Top-Shelf Marijuana Sells For $470 an Ounce…Here’s How to Grow It

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How do you know you're growing top-shelf marijuana? It's worth an average of $300-475 per ounce retail, although in legalization states like Colorado and Washington top-shelf bud sells for as more Source: big...

Holder Announced A Major Shift On U.S MJ Policy

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U.S. treasury and law enforcement agencies will soon issue regulations opening banking services to state-sanctioned marijuana businesses even though cannabis remains classified an illegal narcotic under federal law, A...

Newbie & Beginner Marijuana Grower Series: Accurate Marijuana Bloom Phase Time Estimates

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I was growing two strains of marijuana on a tight time schedule because I knew in advance I had to temporarily shut down my hydroponics grow room and go live more Source: bigbudsmag

Attack of the Marijuana Clones

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Deonna Marrie aka Hot4hydro is back in this quick down and dirty video on cloning. Deonna is a hydroponic store owner, writer, model, and a badass grower who has been more Source: bigbudsmag

New Marijuana Strain Guide Helps You Grow Top Shelf Marijuana & Avoid Schwag

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One of the things I'm most proud of about the marijuana industry is that marijuana breeders have created hundreds of specific, stabilized strains of marijuana that you can rely on more Source: bigbudsmag

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