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Why Marijuana’s Unique Medical & Recreational Chemistry Fascinates Marijuana Growers

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Most of us who grow marijuana focus on one of the plant's many exclusive compounds—THC—to get the high and potency we want. But medical marijuana growers and users have recently started more Sourc...

Now They’re Blaming Catastrophic Wildfires On Outdoor Marijuana Growers

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We talked before about how Mexican cartel marijuana growers clear-cut trees, use poisons, heavy machinery, and industrial fertilizers, divert rivers and streams, start fires, trash the land, more Source...

Is it Safe for You to Use Marijuana Vaporizers & Vape Pens?

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Because I've recommended vaporizers as a harm reduction and pleasure-enhancing device, it's my duty now to write this article warning the marijuana community to ask questions about the quality of more Source...

New Jersey Medical Marijuana, Chris Christie, State MedPot Laws =A Big, Fat, Joke

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I live in New Jersey and if you read national reports you see my state listed as one of many “new” medical marijuana states, along with Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, and more Source: bigbu...

Mobile Cannabis Testing

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We talk with Phil about testing cannabis.

Did Marijuana Make This Young Woman Bi-Sexual?

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Does marijuana as an aphrodisiac make you more likely to be sexually adventurous and satisfied? As a woman and cannabis grower who writes about marijuana and sex, I'm convinced marijuana more Source: bigbudsmag

Mobile Cannabis Testing

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We talk with Phil about testing cannabis.

Marijuana Growing Motivation Series: Making Your Dreams Come True

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Take a moment to imagine what your life would be like if you had lots of money, a job you love, and a beautiful lover. Now realize this article is more Source: bigbudsmag

Seattle Hempfest 2013 Speakers and 420 Celebration part 3

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Marmalade plays Funky Place at Seattle Hempfest!

Dabbing May Cost Marijuana Its Mellow Reputation

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This column is for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended to, and does not, create an attorney-client relationship. Neither the author nor publishers shall be more Source: bigbudsmag

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