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Colorado Cannabis Hypocrisy:War=Good, Booze=Good, Marijuana Retailers=Bad

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I love Colorado not just because I was born here but also because you can grow super marijuana here, which I’ve been doing mostly outdoors long before Colorado legalized marijuana more Source: bigbudsmag

Should Marijuana Growers Use Scotts Miracle-GroInstead of Hydroponics Nutrients Made for Marijuana?

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Some marijuana growers want to spend as little as possible on their marijuana plants, and Scotts Miracle-Gro fertilizers and soil are as cheap as you can get. Heck, you can buy more Source: bigbudsmag

What Kills Your Marijuana? The Brown Dirt Warrior Breaks It Down

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Well, to begin with, calling it a weed is a bit of a misnomer. The word "weed" evokes images of plants so hardy they grow between the cracks in more Source: bigbudsmag

Anti-Marijuana Propaganda Group Admits…America’s Parents Back Medical Marijuana Legalization

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The Partnership at isn’t a friend of marijuana, Ecstasy, or any other “illegal” drug. The organization (which started out as the Partnership for a Drug-Free America) was created by ...r...

Outdoor Marijuana Growing Bigger Yields Fertilizer Secrets

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Guerilla marijuana growers with plants in remote areas and wilderness don’t get to their marijuana grow site too often, and that’s why their yields and THC percentages especially benefit from more...

Getting the Most of Your Advanced Nutrients' pH Perfect Nutes

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pH Perfect

What Happens When a Marijuana GrowerLooks for Better Soil?

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Of all the concerns we have as marijuana growers looking to cultivate the healthiest plants that produce the most THC and the largest harvest weight with the least amount of more Source: bigbudsmag

Cannabis Sex Advice:An Introduction to More Enjoyable Marijuana Sex

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Sex and marijuana! Two of our favorite things, right? They deliver intense, reliable pleasure, and that’s why we love them. And when you use marijuana to increase your sexual pleasure, more Source: bigb...

Rare Dankness Marijuana Seeds:High Times Cannabis Cup Winners 4 Good Reason!

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When Moonshine Haze from Rare Dankness Seeds won the Best Seed Company Sativa award at the Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011, it sure didn’t surprise the more Source: bigbudsmag

Ask Our Experts – Organic Soils for Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana growers who use soil are very much at the mercy of their medium. In other words, without a balanced, well-aerated, nutrient-rich soil, growers are cheating themselves out of more Source: big...

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