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Cannabis Sex Advice:An Introduction to More Enjoyable Marijuana Sex

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Sex and marijuana! Two of our favorite things, right? They deliver intense, reliable pleasure, and that’s why we love them. And when you use marijuana to increase your sexual pleasure, more Source: bigb...

Top-Shelf Marijuana Sells For $470 an Ounce…Here’s How to Grow It

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How do you know you’re growing top-shelf marijuana? It’s worth an average of $300-475 per ounce retail, although in legalization states like Colorado and Washington top-shelf bud sells for as more...

Michigan Medical Marijuana Threatened:Now Medical Marijuana Medibles are Illegal?

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Michigan medical marijuana growers, patients, and medical marijuana dispensaries are increasingly outraged that police, prosecutors, Michigan Republican politicians, and Attorney General Bill Schuette are dismantling ...

Bean There – Brown Dirt Warrior's Horror Experience in Growing Marijuana from Seeds

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K, so you see a strain you like in a seed catalog by a reputable seed company and you put your order in. The genetics seem so good, exactly what more Source: bigbudsmag

Insider Marijuana Growing Info From Cannabis Cup Winners

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Marijuana growers are always looking for new marijuana strains that come from specialty genetics. When you grow marijuana strains nobody else has, you increase the value of your buds, and more Source: bigbudsmag

Outdoor Marijuana Growing Bigger Yields Fertilizer Secrets

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Guerilla marijuana growers with plants in remote areas and wilderness don’t get to their marijuana grow site too often, and that’s why their yields and THC percentages especially benefit from more...

Medical Marijuana Laws May Be A Trap

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As a Michigan resident and medical marijuana user, I was among the 63% of Michiganders who voted for medical “marihuana” legalization in 2008, and who celebrated hard-won new freedom and more Sour...

Should Marijuana Growers Use Scotts Miracle-GroInstead of Hydroponics Nutrients Made for Marijuana?

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Some marijuana growers want to spend as little as possible on their marijuana plants, and Scotts Miracle-Gro fertilizers and soil are as cheap as you can get. Heck, you can buy more Source: bigbudsmag

What Kills Your Marijuana? The Brown Dirt Warrior Breaks It Down

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Well, to begin with, calling it a weed is a bit of a misnomer. The word "weed" evokes images of plants so hardy they grow between the cracks in more Source: bigbudsmag

Federal vs. State Marijuana Laws — Which Should I Follow? Our Lawyer Gives His Advice

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This column is for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended to, and does not, create an attorney-client relationship. Neither the author nor publishers shall be more Source: bigbudsmag

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