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Bloomberg: MMJ One Of The Greatest Hoaxes

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks arguments for legalizing medical marijuana are half-baked. “Medical, my foot,” Bloomberg– who has admitted to enjoying smoking weed when he was younger– told John...

Father’s Day Gifts Marijuana Growers Will Love

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Every marijuana grower is a father to female (and sometimes male) marijuana plants they care for. So when we hear about Father’s Day and think of the marijuana growers in more Source: bigbudsmag

Gay Marriage, Marijuana, President Obama & Bill Maher:Smokin’ Comedy with a Knockout Punch

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Love him or hate him, comedian and talk show host Bill Maher is probably America’s most famous pro-marijuana comedian. I’m not talking about comedians whose entire act and persona are more Source:...

Safely Growing Marijuana Outdoors In Your Back Yard

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Whether you’re in a medical marijuana state, a legalized marijuana state, or a fascist drug war state (Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, etc.), you might be looking at more Sour...

GrowMed 2013 Testimonials — Meet The Attendees of Valencia, Spain's Giant MMJ Show!

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Last month, the annual marijuana grow extravaganza known as GrowMed took place in Valencia, Spain, and Advanced Nutrients' crew had a blast, with a rockin' booth, free THC testing, a more Source: bi...

Never Get Busted:A Drug Cop Schools Marijuana Growers & Users

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Big surprise—marijuana growers don’t see police officers as their friends! But one former cop who loved busting marijuana users has changed sides, and he’s now helping our community fight back

Former Microsoft Manager Has Big Ideas About Pot

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Former Microsoft manager Jamen Shively wants to create the first national brand of retail marijuana and to open pot trade with Mexico. Shively plans to announce that and more in more Source: cannabisnews

How You Give Your Favorite Marijuana Plants An (Almost) Immortal Life

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What do you do when you’re really in love with specific marijuana plants, or maybe you have marijuana plants nearing harvest time and lack easy access to seeds or clones, more Source: bigbudsmag

23 Hours Per Day In A Solitary Confinement Cage:Bradley Manning & Marijuana Seed Seller Marc Emery

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Cannabis seed seller Marc Emery has something in common with Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning. Both have been subjected to solitary confinement in the U.S. prison system. Manning is currently on trial ...

Marijuana Vaporizer: Your Way to Incredible New Marijuana Highs

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I’ve been a marijuana smoker most of my adult life. You’d enjoy trying out my wicked glass bongs, hammers, and bubblers. But here’s a puzzler: I don’t smoke marijuana much more Source:...

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