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Marijuana Legislation Supported To Reduce Criminal Sentences

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Rand Paul, the Junior Senator from Kentucky is perhaps most well-known because his father, the eccentric (yet many people say brilliant) House Representative and physician. This comparison is somewhat more So...

Are the Biggest Companies Hydroponics Companies Endangering Marijuana Growers & Users?

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How did I find out that the biggest hydroponics companies are putting our health at risk? It all started with my love of popcorn. But not the buttery kind you more Source: bigbudsmag

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients, Dispensaries & Growers Are Losing Their Freedoms

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Michigan’s medical marijuana freedoms are slowly but surely being taken away by politicians from both major political parties, by police and prosecutors, and by the ultra-conservative Attorney General m...

Best Reflective Materials to Maximize Your Marijuana

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One of the most important aspects of building your grow is to maximize your light by utilizing reflective materials. Light, as we well know, can be incredibly expensive, so more Source: bigbudsmag

Hi-Tech Water Filtration Methods for Home Hydroponic Grow Systems — UV Light or Ozone?

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Hydroponic medical marijuana growers understand the importance of maintaining a clean nutrient reservoir. A bad water source, warm temperatures, or neglectful caregiver can quickly create disorder in an otherwise ......

Police Bust Hydroponics Marijuana Grow Expo And… Detain Hydroponics Company Employee!

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Besieged 420 marijuana greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we’re working hard to get the marijuana freedom people have in North America and The Netherlands. Four years ago our Supreme more Sou...

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