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The Best Discreet 420 Smoking Devices for On-The-Go Medicating

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With 4/20 at hand, we thought it would be a good time to discuss some of the most useful or creative discreet smoking devices that we have come across recently. more Source: bigbudsmag

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients, Dispensaries & Growers Are Losing Their Freedoms

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Michigan’s medical marijuana freedoms are slowly but surely being taken away by politicians from both major political parties, by police and prosecutors, and by the ultra-conservative Attorney General m...

Buddy's GrowMed Adventures — Valencia's Medical Marijuana Show Day One

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Mascots often can get away with crazy things that the rest of us (with a public persona) would never attempt. We think that Advanced Nutrients' Mascot, Buddy, is especially laid back more Source: bigbudsmag

Bill Introduced to Define Drug-Endangered Children

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Proposed legislation cites federal law in defining when a child is endangered by a caregiver’s use or possession of drugs, potentially trumping Colorado law and making it illegal to possess, more Source...

Our Guide To Having The Best 4/20 Pot Holiday Ever – However You Choose To Celebrate

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It’s heeeere. The day chosen for the appreciation, celebration, and overall excessive consumption of cannabis has arrived, and we at Big Buds thought it might be nice to put together more Source: bigbud...

Hi-Tech Water Filtration Methods for Home Hydroponic Grow Systems — UV Light or Ozone?

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Hydroponic medical marijuana growers understand the importance of maintaining a clean nutrient reservoir. A bad water source, warm temperatures, or neglectful caregiver can quickly create disorder in an otherwise ......

High security for Denver Marijuana Celebration

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As tens of thousands of people gather to celebrate and smoke marijuana in Denver, police will be out in full force. But it’s not the pot smoking they’re concerned about at more Source: cannabisnews

Study Reveals Majority of Americans Favors Marijuana Legalization

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Recently a Pew Research Center study was released showing that a greater number than ever before, 52 percent of all respondents, believed that it was time to legalize marijuana more Source: bigbudsmag

GrowMed Day Two Video With Advanced Nutrients — The Evolution of Medical Marijuana

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It's Day Two in Valencia, Spain, and Advanced Nutrients is filming a lot of the action. read more more Source: bigbudsmag

Police Bust Hydroponics Marijuana Grow Expo And… Detain Hydroponics Company Employee!

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Besieged 420 marijuana greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we’re working hard to get the marijuana freedom people have in North America and The Netherlands. Four years ago our Supreme more Sou...

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