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GrowMed Medical Cannabis Show for Marijuana Growers Gearing Up in Valencia, Spain — And We Will Be There!

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The average person may still be recovering from the massive party that was February’s gigantic grow show, Barcelona’s Spannabis, but not us! The biggest story of Spannabis was Advanced Nutrients m...

Hottest Marijuana Babes At Spannabis 2013

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Remo, our Urban Grower, usually shows himself in his videos, either busy in the garden or checking out the industry's hottest spots. This year, one of the hottest places to more Source: bigbudsmag

Dealing With Police Part II — Handling Home Searches

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In a previous piece, we discussed how to deal with police stops and the difference between reasonable suspicion and probable cause. It you haven’t read it yet, do so. more Source: bigbudsmag

Michigan Hydroponics Store Survives War on Hydroponics Marijuana

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When you look at our marijuana world today—medical marijuana dispensaries, legal industrial-sized marijuana grow ops, marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington, High Times holding the Cannabis Cup in Ame...

Marijuana Growers Turn to Hydroponics Company… To Help Them Save Their Marijuana Grow Ops

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h1.title{ text-align:center; font-size: 26px; }When marijuana growers and users have problems with the government, they usually ask attorneys or marijuana advocacy organizations for help. They rarely seek help from h...

Brown Dirt Warrior Comes Out Of The Woods For Spannabis 2013

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What happens when you take Canada's most muscular guerrilla growers out of the woods and bring him halfway around the world to attend Spain's largest cannabis convention, Spannabis 2013? <a class="c...

Marijuana Growers Get Answers About Growing Better Buds Using Coco Coir

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Soil, rockwool, peat-based mixes, water culture, hydroton, perlite, coco coir…marijuana growers wonder how to get the most weight and THC when growing in various materials. Today we’re talking about coco ...

Stalking Wild Bud in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Stalking wild bud in Nepal, home of world-famous "temple ball" hashish, after a thirty year absence from the country should have been a no problem, no brainer. Well that's how it more Source: bigbudsmag

Local Governments Use Zoning Laws To Keep You From Your Marijuana

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Cannabis enthusiasts that I meet online are often jealous to learn that I live in California which, obviously, is a state that allows for the use of medical marijuana. In more Source: bigbudsmag

Are You a Marijuana (Plant) Abuser?

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I visited an indoor marijuana garden because the grower was my brother’s friend, begging for help because his plants were dying and he couldn’t figure out why. read more more Source: bigbudsmag

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